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"There is a piece of brain lodged in my head. Send help."


"There are always flowers for those who want to see them."
~Henri Matisse


"do not take it personally", my mother said
after he beats my mistakes out of me, telling me that I never learn

"but your parents still love you", they said
he told me that I was worthless
and only a burden to the world
and watched as I tried to slit my wrist with a blunt kitchen knife

"it will be ok", my friends say
but it never was
and it never will
Can't hide
I was inspired to write this 'thing' after a very intense dark dream I had about my past.
Although I have been doing well and nothing really happened in 2 years, everything I felt during that time came back to me like a punch in my face, knocking me out mentally for several days.

People tend to forget how much the past can do to someone.
Wounds heal, but scars will stay.
And this is how it ends
have fun with your bullshit

You know where to find me
  • Mood: Movingon


In the darkness, I feel his body shifting towards me
In the silence of his embrace I find the peace I have been searching for so long
"I really like you" he murmurs

At first I was standing safely beside the tracks
admiring you from a safe distance
yet you managed to hit me
right between the entanglements of my heart


"What do you think of me?" he asked.
"I think you are adorkable!" I laughed.

you are
handsome as hell
smart and
way too popular for your own good

Still I saw your coy smile when you talked about how you like to play Age of Empires
How you laugh out of awkwardness
The endless amount of energy in the way you move


That night
I caught you looking in my direction
Did I see it right? Or was it my imagination?

"Hit me baby one more time"
your prescence moves closer to mine
with all the people, the colours and the music
it feels like there is only you and me

You take my hand and spin me around on the beat of the music
being so close to you makes me feel light-headed
then suddenly, you pull me closer to you
as if you were going to kiss me

I feel everyone's eyes burning in my back
with my face flushed red, I quickly give you a kiss on your cheek
and I let go

for a moment, your hand still lingers on my back
and then you are gone


Don't worry," they said. "he doesn't know how to show it to you but he really likes you!"
I look at him from a distance. Always busy with other people.
Like a whirlwind, moving from one place to another. Never resting, never standing still.
I wonder if I am just another one

"I'm sorry," he whispers.
I rest my head against his chest while he puts his arms around me.
"I really like you, I just suck at this."

Time to go. Goodbye is the only thing that's left.
Somehow I find him looking for me. Running around in the distance on the parking lot.
He runs up to me and says "hey there, I've been looking for you."

I don't understand.
It was just a small text message, very innocent.
I should have seen it coming but I didn't.
The why's are killing me while days keep passing.
Only silence on your side


"I liked that kiss."
"Wanna practice some more?"

we listened to my rockabilly cd
you made an omelette for me

Eventually we stood on the edge of the balcony
in each other arms
almost falling

Your touch felt eternal
your lips made me lose track of space and time
and I got lost,
so lost in you


"So, what is this?" I stare at my drink and pretend that I don't really care.
He mutters and tries to avoid the question
"Quit the ambivalent pussyfooting"
"...I really like you but I am not really looking for anything" he replies. I laughed. The irony.
He gives me a guilty pity hug which makes me feel even more ridiculous

damn it.
A few days of Summer
I wish repeating your name would make it become meaningless
I don't want to look at you and see poetry

I don't


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And this is how it ends
have fun with your bullshit

You know where to find me
  • Mood: Movingon


Sweetyvamp's Profile Picture
I'm an art appreciator.
I like to take pictures in my free time.
Occasionally I write a thing or two because thoughts can clog up my brain.

For everyone who is still reading this:
The sun is up,
the sky is blue,
it's beautiful,
and so are you

~Across the Universe

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